Coach Pete’s Tip – How to Find The Hidden Job Market
January 10, 2021 0 Comments

What is the hidden job market? Where is it? How do I get in touch with it? Google “Hidden Job Market” and you’ll get 2,300,000 hits! Where do you begin? Well you are in luck, because I’m going to give you the key that will unlock the secret.

“The Hidden Job Market” is where great job opportunities are. These jobs have not been placed in the employment section of the newspaper or online. Chances are a company’s human resources department does not even know about these openings. The best thing about the “Hidden Job Market” is that you can have the first shot at really great job opportunities that no one else even has a clue exist!

This is exactly what you want. You want to know about job openings before anyone else. You want your resume in front of that decision maker before the word gets out and he/she is buried under an avalanche of resumes. The way to landing a great job is by exploring the dark and secret world of the Hidden Job Market!

Networking: “It’s who you know that counts!” Having a strong network of contacts can make finding a great Jobbörse easy and fast. The people in your network can also be excellent references for you. Tapping your network can provide surprising results. After being let go most of us feel embarrassed and reluctant to tell people. Unfortunately this reluctance can cost you time and money. Let everyone know that you are looking for employment. Most people want to help, all you have to do is ask. Even if you think you really don’t know anyone, you’ll be surprised by the results when you implement the following.

1. Friends and family: Okay that’s pretty obvious. But let’s expand on this. Ask each of your friends and relatives to come up with 10 names that you can contact. If ten friends and family members come up with 10 names each that’s a 100 new contacts. Now go one step further and ask each of your family and friends to call or email these people and mention that you will be contacting them.

2. Casual acquaintances: People at your gym or the girl at the coffee shop, neighbors, ask them if they know anyone you should contact. Now’s a great time to sit down and make a list of everyone you know. Once you start you will be amazed at how many people you know. If each of these people on your list can introduce you to 10 more, well I think you can see how quickly your network can grow.

3. Business associates: If you are in sales contact all your former customers/vendors.

4. Do you belong to a professional organization. Many have placement services or publish openings.

5. Do you belong to a civic organization, ie: Lions Club or Rotary lots of good contacts.

6. Do you do volunteer work? I bet there are plenty of good contacts in your volunteer group.

7. Do you belong to a church?

8. How about your doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, etc.

Simply by taking the above actions you can create a large network of people all helping you find that new job. You know someone has figured out that we are only 5 people removed from anyone on earth. This means that we are only 5 people removed from a street vendor in Calcutta, a movie star or the CEO of a large corporation. I don’t know how true this is, but I bet that by following my suggestions and developing a network one of you contacts will know someone in a position to hire you.



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